Lettuce Turnip The Beet

by punchmommybelievesinlife


Did you know that beets can color your urine and stool red? Well I didn’t either…until today. One frightful experience in the bathroom followed by panic, a trip to the doctor, a physical exam, and some blood work later, I am happy to announce that it’s not blood, it’s the beets.

Sister had her thyroid removed yesterday so while she waited to go the operating room, Mom fielded my panicked phone calls and text messages. Never a dull a moment, she quipped. More than ten years after treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Sister discovered three nodules on her thyroid. The fine needle biopsy was inconclusive on one of the nodules so this and several factors led her to the decision of having her thyroid removed. The most compelling factor was that she had radiation to her neck and upper chest where the cancerous lymph nodes were.

It looks like Sister and I will be trading health emergencies and for added fun they will occur at the same time! I’m relieved to announce that Sister’s surgery went well and I am not bleeding internally. Bring it on new normal. Bring. It. On.