This train will pass

by punchmommybelievesinlife


I see a small light and it’s getting bigger and brighter.
I know I’m a fighter, but it’s not excitement I feel, it’s fear.
What’s that? I felt you. You’re an ache. Right there.
A mere three months ago, I was given the all clear.
So what’s not to cheer?

Because I know that ache, I know that pain. I know it was plain, but I couldn’t hear it, the bells they rang.
It was only seven months ago that I was living with them and they didn’t turn out well, they weren’t just pangs.

The wait between scans is brutal but I’ve decided to be frugal.
I cannot take my second chance for granted and spend all my days planted.
I must get up and live freely and pop some wheelies and watch this train pass,
Because it’s not coming for me at last.