Before and Afters

by punchmommybelievesinlife

Before, I felt sluggish, cloudy, like walking through mud, quicksand.  Now, I feel clear-headed, normal.

Before, I felt a lot of pressure in my head when I bent down and when I laid down.  Now, I don’t feel any pressure.

Before, I felt a lot of pressure in my chest.  Now, I don’t feel any pressure.

Before, I had little purple veins on the upper right side of my chest.  Now, I don’t have any visible veins there.

Before, I couldn’t sleep on either the right or left side because my chest hurt.  Now, I can sleep on either side.

Before, I woke up with a swollen face.  Now, I wake up with no swelling.

Before, it felt like my heart rate was really slow. Now, it feels like my heart rate is normal.

Before, I felt exhausted. Now, I still feel exhausted but in a different way.

Before, the size of the tumor was 9.6 cm x 8.9 x 13 cm.  Now, the remaining tissue is 2 cms maybe smaller.

Before, the tumor completely blocked my superior vena cava and there was no blood flow. Now, my superior vena cava is clear, open, and there is blood flowing.

Before, the tumor filled 80% of the right atrium of my heart. Now, there is no tumor in my heart.

Before, the SUV of the tumor was between 22.5-23.5.  Now, the remaining tissue has an SUV of 2.0.

Before, I flooded my body with chemotherapy so that all the cancer cells were continuously bathed in chemicals for five months. Now, everyday, I flood my body with 2-3 liters of water and fresh vegetable and fruit juice so that my cells are bathed in life-giving water and healthy nutrition.

Before, I had 27 prescriptions. Now, I only take a B Vitamins, a multi-vitamin, and calcium.

Before, I think I was dying. Now, I know I’m living.