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One year ago today


One year ago today, my IV bags emptied, my fluids stopped, and the IV was taken out of my groin. I rolled out of the hospital bed and into the wheel chair. Little Man sat in my lap and DH wheeled me to the elevator. I was done. It my last day.

One year ago today, I didn’t think about making it to this day.

One year ago today, all of my thoughts were consumed by making it through the next five minutes, the next 30 minutes, the next day.

One year ago today, I spent all my time in bed and slept my days away.

One year ago today, I worried about my decision to forgo radiation, I wondered if the chemo worked, would my remission stay?

One year ago today, I didn’t think about my future. What was the point, would I ever reach this day?

I never thought that along the way I would pick up another day to celebrate, to look forward to, to mark my most significant achievement to date.

But today, today I can’t stop thinking about tomorrow and the next and the next and the next…

One year ago today was my last day of chemo.

I have been in remission for 365 days.

Here’s to the next 365 days…and many, many more!


One more year

Guest post by Sister


Today marks one year………………….

One year ago that Sister had called me to tell me something was “wrong”.

One year ago where I stood in my bathroom and wept knowing exactly what “wrong” meant.

One year ago that once I pulled it together, I had to figure out how to tell her, in the kindest way, that what wrong meant, was cancer.

One year ago that I had to figure out how to tell Mom and Dad.

One year ago that Brother and I flew down to the bayou to get the official diagnosis.

One year ago that I sat in the waiting room with Sister’s husband for the official results.

One year ago when he said “the prognosis for this type of lymphoma is not good”.

One year ago that I told him “someone has to be in the 10%”.

One year ago that Mom and Dad had to fly thousands of mile back to collect their baby and nurse her to health.

One year ago that we sat, as we had not for many years, as our nuclear family, no one knowing what to say.  In disbelief of the truth.

I love that we can finally say one year ago.

Remission has held steady and we are one year away from the emotional and physical horrors that had to be endured.

Time heals and one year ago feels really good.

I believe that we are all brought to this earth with our own purpose.  A singular intention from g-d or whomever you believe in.  From the Nobel peace prize winners to the murders of the world.  We all have a place in the flow of life.  This path isn’t always easy, or the one that we would have “chosen” but it is our destiny none the less.  Sometimes as hard as it is, if we lean into our path and move thru it to the best of our abilities we will slowly see the light that has been intended for us.  The tragedy of life comes when we don’t acknowledge our true intentions because they are not what our “minds” or our “thoughts” wanted it to be.  In that moment there is no growth, no change, no chance for a new beginning.  No more “one more year”.

Today is that day for me….

One more year.

One more year we are all here to celebrate each other.

One more year to embrace the hardships and the triumphs.

Enjoy today as we move forward to the NEXT one more year

Looking forward with love,


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