Open Phones: Sharing and Over-Sharing About Illness

Brian Lehrer

Little Man had a rough night last night. Mommy, I coughed really hard and then there was water in my mouth. What I did? What was that called Mommy? Yep, he threw up last night so it was just the two of us today hanging around at home and staying warm from the bone chilling temps outside. Cabin fever was starting to creep up my neck by about mid-morning so I decided to head out to Trader Joe’s. I turned the car on and started to listen to the radio that came on simultaneously. And, I froze. Brian Lehrer, from The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC was inviting guests who blog about their health or illness to call in and talk about their experience blogging. I immediately dialed the show. He’s talking to me!

Here’s the audio from today’s show and my short, short live comment near the 12:30 mark.

Photo courtesy of Karly Domb Sadof/WNYC