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How I evicted the worst uninvited overnight guest and took back my life

I Am You And You Are Me in Bridges, Fall 2014

Bridges is a quarterly magazine published by Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for patients and their families where they can share their stories. One of my blog entries made it into the Fall edition. Check it out here on Page 7!


Visible Ink


For over a year now, I’ve participated in Visible Ink, a program through Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. Visible Ink is a writing program that pairs participants, all patients who have experienced a serious illness, with professional writer-mentors.

My mentor, Kate has been one of my greatestĀ supporters since the day we first met. Her kind, gentle encouragement has coaxed me into exploring ideas and areas that I hadn’t previously explored and I’ve often felt that she gets me more than I get me. She’s helped me define theĀ inarticulable and she’s been present, right there with me as I’ve faced some of my darkest days. Kate and I were recently asked to be interviewed by Fusion TV to talk about our experience with Visible Ink and here is our TV debut!

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